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Day 1: Wednesday May 30th
Theme:  “Social and Emotional Learning; The Future of Education”

(For School Owners,  Proprietors,  Care Givers, Education Consultants,  Teachers,  Teachers in Training, and all Stake Holders in Africa Educational Sector)

Day 2: Thursday May 31st
Theme: “Emotions Drive Workers – Workers Drive Productivity”

(For Managing Directors, Human Resource Managers,   Strategists, Business Leaders,  Head of Learning and Development, Head of Departments,  Staff and Workers of Organizations and all stake holders in the corporate business sector)

Day 1 is dedicated to the Educational System.

We will be dissecting how to use the competence of Social and Emotional Learning in the educational system. The speakers will show exactly how SEL can be implemented step by step for the Educator, for the students at different levels and for the school system.

Day 2 is dedicated to the Corporate Sector.

Using scientific research we will be bridging the gap between the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and the utilization of Emotional intelligence as a driver for improving workplace productivity. Applications of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Change Management and Innovation, Organizational Transformation, Data Driven Emotional Intelligence Application and many more business areas will be discussed in the course of Day 2.