Dr. Sandeep Kelkar 🇮🇳

Dr. Sandeep Kelkar 🇮🇳

Dr. Sandeep Kelkar 🇮🇳

Founder and Managing Director at Equipoise Learning Pvt Ltd. Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist. | Equipoise Learning Pvt Ltd

Dr.Sandeep Kelkar MD Dch

Pediatrician & Founder Director ‘Equipoise’(INDIA)

Sandeep is a post graduate in the field of Pediatrics, from Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai, India. He has been practicing as Child & Newborn specialist for more than two decades. He has more than a decade long experience in passionately advocating Emotional Intelligence in children in India, after getting trained from Six Seconds.

He is the founder director of the institute called ‘Equipoise’, The ISO 9001-2015 Certified Emotional Intelligence Research and Training Institute, doing comprehensive work for children, parents, teachers and other professionals. Sandeep is committed to the enhancement of ‘Child EQ’ and promotion of ‘Emotional Health and Wellbeing’ of children at large. He is committed to developmental projects related to Child EQ. Sandeep is a prolific writer and an inspiring speaker and has written numerous articles on Child EQ and parenting in leading newspapers and magazines in India.

Sandeep has developed the concept called “Emotional Intelligence-The Novel Psychological Vaccine for 21st-century Kids”, which he presented at an International Conference on Emotional Intelligence, NexusEQ, at Harvard University, in June 2013.

He is the Chairperson of the National Module on Emotional Intelligence by Indian Academy of Pediatrics. He is taking this concept of ‘Psychological Vaccine’ to pediatricians all across India, under the presidential flagship program of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, called“Promoting Emotional Intelligence in children”(PEICH).

Sandeep has also developed a comprehensive training programme in “Emotional Intelligence-The Psychological vaccine” for professionals-psychologist, counsellers, medical Professionals and other caregivers.

He is the author of an award-winning book on emotional intelligence. He has organized numerous workshops for parents with the theme “Parenting with Emotional Intelligence”

He has founded ‘Equipkids’ the ‘Centre for Emotional Intelligence in India with the mission of “Equipping children, youth and adults with EQ tools for their Success, Happiness and Wellbeing

Sandeep has been interviewed and facilitated by a television network (eTV) of India for special work done in the field of Child EQ. Sandeep has appeared on live TV shows on the theme of emotional intelligence and parenting on National TV Network in India.