Panelist – Dr. Fola Rogers-Saliu

Panelist – Dr. Fola Rogers-Saliu

Panelist – Dr. Fola Rogers-Saliu

Executive Director, Human Resources and Administration; SIFAX Group |


is an Education Consultant, Counselling Psychologist and an Emotional Support Specialist who has over 30 years experience in Education Management Consulting, Human Resources/Administration and Therapy/Counselling. She worked in the UK for over 10 years and rose to be the Manager for African Emotional Support Counselling in one of the largest charitable organisations in the U.K. – Terrence Higgins Trust (THT). She was also a Mentor on the African Development Organisations Project in London.

She is the CEO and the Lead Consultant at Rollers Emotional Support Therapy Services (RESTS), Lagos.

Thousands of people have benefitted from her enhanced professional skills and wealth of experience while working with passion, creativity and keen interest to impact everyday living in all sectors of the society ranging from Government & Non-government Organizations, Private Sector Corporations to National & International Foundations. She was a Lead consultant and a service provider on the World Bank funded ‘Eko Project’ ( An Innovative Capacity building for Teachers and School Administrators in Lagos State, Nigeria, 2009-2012).

She has PhD in Education and Counselling Psychology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria,  Post Graduate Certificate in Emotional Education (PGCE) from University of Derby, United Kingdom, a certificate in International Health Consultancy from University of Liverpool, School of Tropical Medicine, UK and she is a certified KPI  (Key Performance Indicator) professional and practitioner accredited by the KPI Institute of Australia.

She is also an Emotional Intelligence certified performer. She is a faculty member at the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) Lagos, Nigeria, a centre associated to Cambridge University UK. She is also the Secretary General to the Honorary Consul of Djibouti in Nigeria. She is an editor and has various awards to her credit.  She belongs to various Professional bodies. She is married with children.