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Strictly For Medium, Large-Scale Organizations & Multinationals
Day 1
27 May 2022


You are warmly welcome 😃💕✌ Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference (AEIC) is designed to bridge the gap between the knowledge of Emotional intelligence and the utilization of Emotional Intelligence Competencies for...
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Enahoro Okhae
🇳🇬 Enahoro Okhae – EQ Guru and Performance Management Expert


Speakers 👇👇👇
Enahoro Okhae
🇳🇬 Enahoro Okhae – EQ Guru and Performance Management Expert
Jayne Morrison
🇿🇦 🇦🇪 Jayne Morrison
Taiwo 'Dayo-Abatan
🇳🇬 Taiwo ‘Dayo-Abatan
Carel Potgieter
🇿🇦 Carel Potgieter

Harnessing Sales Emotional Data for Improving Sales Numbers

Speakers 👇👇👇
Enahoro Okhae
🇳🇬 Enahoro Okhae – EQ Guru and Performance Management Expert
Steve Goodner
🇺🇸 Steve Goodner
Jeffrey Williams-Edem
🇳🇬 Jeffrey Williams-Edem
Avril Kidd
🇿🇦 Avril Kidd


According to innovation Guru Tim Brown, whose design firm was recently named by Fast Company as the 5th most innovative company in the world, the design of innovative processes and products requires a more “human-centered” approach than traditional R&D methods incorporate.

KH Kim, a professor of Creativity and Innovation at the College of William & Mary, comments in her article “The Creative Crisis in America”; “Innovators experience deep emotions, are sensitive to the environment, and are emotionally expressive. Emotions affect creativity often more than cognitive or other rational factors and are found in all creative endeavors including science and arts.”.

According to a forbes research, innovation requires skills such as empathy, optimism and collaboration. In other words, it requires emotional intelligence skills. The reason, Brown argues, is that a skill like empathy allows us to see things from the perspective of many different kinds of people, which is a key ingredient for creating a consumer product or redesigning a people-driven process. The increased complexity of today’s products and processes mandates interdisciplinary collaboration.

Limiting Emotional intelligence to a relationship management skill is a distraction from one of the greatest pathways to potent business transformation solutions.

Emotions are the secret sauce of innovation… Forbes Magazine

“Leveraging emotions to get more powered innovation is like being able to harness an underestimated and sustainable source of energy. What is stopping you?”…innovation copilots”

Do you want to an empowered An undiluted pathway to INTENTIONALLY crafting INNOVATION awaits participants of the 2020 Africa Emotional intelligence Conference.


Being a disruptor helps you mitigate the adverse effect of disruption in your industry.

Large companies have the resources and the name recognition that attract top talent, but many of them strive to maintain the status quo. Their focus is external — looking at how they can respond to what their competitors are doing, but it should be internal — highlighting how they can empower their employees to find the next “big idea.

Delliote’s recent research reveals that “cultivating emotional fortitude” is a key characteristic to disrupting and surviving disruption.

  • How do you positively embrace the fear of the rapidly changing business landscape to fuel more productive outcomes?
  • How do you develop emotional fortitude as a potent tool for responding to the leader’s “innovator’s dilemma”?
  • How do you relate with your deep emotional “convictions” that seem to conflict with your business direction?
  • How do you plough emotions in disrupting your customer experience and creating a deep wowing experience for your customers?
  • How do you develop grounded audacity in the face of continuously intensifying complexities?
  • What is your emotional relationship with mistakes and how does it aid teams innovative and disruptive tendencies?
  • What is the secret to sustaining healthy ego that pushes ingenuity and balances psychological safety to breed an innovating and disrupting culture in teams and organizations?
  • How do you work with people in complex innovating and disruption-oriented projects?
  • How do you tap into your spiritual intelligence to improve your intuition and guts in relation to innovating and disrupting demands?

To find answers to the above questions and more, join global subject matter experts at the 2020 Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference to immerse yourself in the world of emotions, emotional intelligence, innovation and disruption conversations and chart a new path in your quest for profitable change and transformation

If your organization is ordinary with limited goals and small-minded leaders you might not get the best of this program. The 2020 Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference is designed for forward looking organizations who are daily seeking potent business interventions that goes beyond the ordinary; organizations whose leaders who are willing to engage in globally researched content that can be utilized to gain competitive edge, to achieve exceptional service experience, to reduce process challenge and improve productivity and profitability.

If this describe your organization, then this conference is a must attend for your Senior Business Executives, Decision Makers, Strategically Positioned Leaders and members of your Strategy Team.


Attendance in Africa Emotional intelligence Conference is usually designed for a team not an individual, for a combination of stakeholders not a silo and as such might be defined as expensive for those who have never attended. We designed the conference to achieve potent visible transformation and as such know the permutation of attendees to achieve the change we know you so desire.

Your investment as an organization will be Two Million Naira (N2,000,000) and it covers

  • 10 seats for strategically chosen participants from your organization
  • Link for all 10 attendees to take an Emotional Intelligence assessment and be part of the EQ Dashboard that will be utilized in course of the conference
  • Power to nominate 10 selected members of your esteemed customers to attend the day 2 of AEIC-2020 holding at Sheraton hotel Ikeja designed for SMEs, StartUps and Individuals, hosting 16 Speakers.
  • Refreshments/Lunch at the events
  • Two post-event webinars to help participants in implementing the gains from the conference and to answer participants mind boggling questions.
  • AEIC 2020 Conference Materials
  • Logo Placements in selected conference materials
  • Organization’s roll up banner placed at the conference attendees “banner line-up”


  • A – Registration for AEIC-2020 that are completed before April 12, 2020 will enjoy a discount of 10%
  • B – Organizations who attended the previous AEIC will get an additional discount of 10%


Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel
11a Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave, Victoria Island, Lagos

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Pause Factory is a management consulting company aligning emotions, people and performance in achieving in achieving personal, team and organizational transformation.

We use globally tested and trusted neuro science and emotional intelligence tools and assessments to engage and gain deep insights about our client’s challenges; we activate change by pivoting on the insights gained to implement new knowledge in optimizing leadership, sales, service experience, team engagement and culture realignment through capacity development interventions, coaching methodologies, certifications, and performance management processes.

HELENA FREY LIMITED is a host partner of the Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference. A human Capital Development company dedicated to building a balanced and functional workforce, capable of meeting the challenges of the global terrain and workplace both personally and professionally.

We utilize scientifically proven tools, research insights and best practices, we create sundry contextually relevant impact that assess, develop and transition talent for a sustained learning experience. Theses assist in nudging our client to change what is not serving them.