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Day 1 – May 27, 2022

For Leaders and Sales Driven Medium, Large-Scale Organizations, Multinationals, SMEs, Small Businesses & Start-ups

Day 2 – May 28, 2020

For Leaders and Change Driven Medium, Large-Scale Organizations, Multinationals, SMEs, Small Businesses & Start-ups

EMOTIONS ARE DATA and the business world is filled with emotional data just like other types of data. There are countless types of data that help to guide business decisions, we are definitely living in a data-driven world. From financial data to Customer Satisfaction data, Sales Data, Operational Data etc. As the complexities of our present world continue to increasingly intensify, technical data alone cannot suffice for the potency of the data we require to make a potent business decision, what people feel and how they utilize their feeling in various aspects of business has become extremely crucial and will continue to be a critical success factor for businesses.

For you to have complete data to aid optimal business decisions, emotional data of your salespeople, emotional data of your leaders, emotional data of your organizational culture, emotional data of the Trust element in your organization, emotional data of spiritual intelligence of your leaders, emotional data of your teams and of different parts of businesses must be harnessed and utilized, the reverse will be to have incomplete data for business decision making. 

Join experts and industry leaders around the world and Africa in the biggest Emotional Intelligence Conference for Corporate Africa. Join us to explore the latest research, breakthrough tools, case studies and best Emotional Intelligence applications that increase personal and organizational vitality.

  • Harnessing the Power of Sales Emotional Data for Improving Sales Numbers
  • Harnessing the power of Leadership Emotional Data for Leadership Influence
  • Harnessing the power of Change Emotional Data for Improving Change
  • Harnessing Spiritual Emotional Intelligence Data for an Empowered Life 

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About Pause Factory

Pause Factory started operations in 2009 as Simeon’s Pivot Resources; a human resource and management consulting company; providing management consulting and human resource solutions to organizations.

Based on global research and our mission to fact find what really creates transformation in employee’s performance, we discovered the pivotal role EMOTIONS play in the process of performance and change, and then we became a partner to Six seconds in the USA (the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network).
This global partnership led to the establishment of PAUSE FACTORY; a people and alignment company, blending Emotional Intelligence tools and competencies into all areas of business need to create the needed transformation training and consulting.
Our mantra today is “EMOTIONS DRIVE PEOPLE; PEOPLE DRIVE PERFORMANCE”.  We build the HEAD and the HAND through the HEART.

Pause Factory is a Management Consulting Company, with strict focus on People and Performance Alignment.
• We leverage People’s Emotions and Performance for Transformation
• We utilize globally trusted and proven tools and assessment to get the hidden vitals and thus create a unique solution
VISION: To be one of Nigeria’s globally compliant leading people and performance consulting company
MISSION: To solve client’s challenge with customized solution ensuring people and performance are aligned in healthy proportion.
VALUES: Service Hardwork Action Passion Empathy