Ope Wemi-Jones

Founder and Managing Partner at The Customer Focused Company
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Ope Wemi-Jones

Founder and Managing Partner at The Customer Focused Company
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Ope Wemi-Jones Founder and Managing Partner at The Customer Focused Company


With over 20 years’ experience working with C-suite leaders, she have built relationships and trust to gain cross-functional alignment and drive change. Today, she is the ‘Go to Expert’ to help organizations demystify the buzz words “Customer Service”,”Customer Experience”. She work with organizations to create the service culture that sizzles with measurable returns on investments. From the gate to the board room, she integrate service to the core of the business.

She understand selling to women ;thus making women the gold standard for service ultimately improves service delivery to everyone. Her work in the women market space positions her to help improve global productivity by harnessing the untapped potential in the gender called WOMEN through financial inclusion. She is a stronger believer in the truth that 50% of global population is too much to be described as a niche.Wondering what to do about Financial inclusion? It is the roles of Banks only. Every organization can embed financial inclusion into how their business is carried out .

She is always excited to give her resources towards helping organizations and people get better


*Customer service strategy * Product Development and sales* SME support *Women banking*Customer Experience* Customer Loyalty *Customer growth strategies *Motivation *Coaching *Marketing and communication*Facilitation * Customer Engagement *Business intelligence



Chief Experience Officer at The Customer Focused Company from  – Present

She is the catalyst that guide C-suite Executives in integrating a Customer Service culture with a Gender lens into their Corporate Strategy. She also contribute to raising the next generation of financially savvy adults and independent women


Group Head, Product Sales at Access Bank Plc for 5 years and 1 month, Victoria Island

She provide a range of banking products and financial services designed to cater to the needs of women, children, students, and seniors. Gender and financial literacy education is a passion

Head,Customer Experience Management at Skye Bank Plc for 4 years and 10 months, Victoria Island Lagos

She had the full responsibility of managing customer service culture to give the bank a competitive edge above its peers, keeping its customers and attracting new ones.
✤ Created an unending awareness for customer service within the bank by involving all stakeholders from the boardroom to the gate.
✤ Reduced cost by implementing bank wide service trainings using volunteer trainer and raised torch bearers of the bank’s brand within the organization.
✤ Reduced service delivery times by 50% through identification and implementation of process improvements and streamlined work flows.
✤ Set up and managed of the Bank’s call center-The Yes CENTER.
✤ Institutionalized a Complaint Management framework for feedback management.

Group Head,Customer Care at Access Bank Plc for 7 years, Victoria Island,Lagos

Her core responsibility at Access bank was to improve service excellence to clients.
✤Created, setup and managed Access bank’s pioneer customer service department providing oversight for 300+ Nationwide branches resulting in an increase in bank’s revenue and brand acceptance through an improved customer service experience.
✤Access bank later bagged the coveted Customer service excellence award by KPMG in 2006


Master of Business Administration – MBA

Accounting at Yaba College of Technology  – 

Senior Management Program at Lagos Business School  – Present

ACA at Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria

Volunteer Experience

Group Head, Inclusive Banking at Access Bank Plc on Economic Empowerment

Children and Women are described as the most vulnerable. She is a woman and she accept women are vulnerable but she is one of those working to change the narrative.
Part of her time is spent on raising the next generation of financial savvy adults and independent women.

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Disruptive Innovation for Service; The EQ Path

12 May 2020
14:30 - 15:30
Main Hall