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Day 1-May 12, 2020

Medium, Large-Scale Organizations & Multinationals

Day 2- May 13, 2020

SMEs, Small Businesses & Start-ups

After millions of dollars spent in research over the last 25 years, there is now a consensus about the fact that our emotional quotient (EQ) is more important for our overall success than our intelligence quotient (IQ). Like every other new discovery, the buzz emotional intelligence is spreading across the world like wild fire; but there is a huge difference between understanding emotional intelligence and the utilization of emotional intelligence. Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference is designed to bridge the gap between understanding emotional intelligence and the utilization of emotional intelligence the models, tools, competencies, resources and technology to drive profitable change and transformation in the life of individuals and organizations.

The theme for the maiden edition in 2008 was “Emotions Drive people; People Drive Performance; the theme for 2019 edition was “Emotional Intelligence; a tool for Personal & Organizational Vitality”. Each edition has witnessed global subject matter experts from different parts of the world including USA, Dubai, India, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and of course Nigeria.

As we advance into the 4th industrial revolution, innovation and disruption, digital and artificial intelligence will form the requirement for our day to day living and emotional intelligence, emotional fortitude, emotional resilience and emotional stability has been identified and critical surviving apparatus; this is our focus for the 2020 Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference, “Pathway to Profitable Innovation and Disruption”.

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About Pause Factory

Pause Factory started operations in 2009 as Simeon’s Pivot Resources; a human resource and management consulting company; providing management consulting and human resource solutions to organizations.

Based on global research and our mission to fact find what really creates transformation in employee’s performance, we discovered the pivotal role EMOTIONS play in the process of performance and change, and then we became a partner to Six seconds in the USA (the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network).
This global partnership led to the establishment of PAUSE FACTORY; a people and alignment company, blending Emotional Intelligence tools and competencies into all areas of business need to create the needed transformation training and consulting.
Our mantra today is “EMOTIONS DRIVE PEOPLE; PEOPLE DRIVE PERFORMANCE”.  We build the HEAD and the HAND through the HEART.

Pause Factory is a Management Consulting Company, with strict focus on People and Performance Alignment.
• We leverage People’s Emotions and Performance for Transformation
• We utilize globally trusted and proven tools and assessment to get the hidden vitals and thus create a unique solution
VISION: To be one of Nigeria’s globally compliant leading people and performance consulting company
MISSION: To solve client’s challenge with customized solution ensuring people and performance are aligned in healthy proportion.
VALUES: Service Hardwork Action Passion Empathy